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Benefits of playing the guitar

If you are ever considering the idea of getting a guitar, don’t think twice and start saving for one. You will realize that this is one musical instrument that is not only going to entertain you. It is going to heal you too.


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Buying a new guitar, especially your very first one is not always a very pleasant experience to a lot of people. While there is always going to be excitement, there is also the fact that it is going to cause a lot of stress and pressure considering how you are going to find one that is just right for you.

From Recent Blog Posts

Best Sounding Acoustic Guitar Listeners Won’t Resist

There are so many guitar brands on the market that promise to deliver the best sounds. However, most of them end up disappointing the users. So you will always ask yourself, what is it that you should look for when searching for this instrument?A good guitar should balance affordability and quality. There are those that are relatively expensive and still give quality performance. So here is a look at the best sounding acoustic guitar brands both beginners and professional guitarists should consider.

Martin 000X1

Martin guitars areregarded as some of the best you can ever have. What makes them different from some brands out there is the fact that they have a depth, warmth and sustain. If you need a fuller sounding instrument that gives that distinct Martin tone then you should consider the 000X1 model.

Taylor 110

Taylor guitars are know for their rich and unique tone. For beginners looking for the best sounding acoustic guitar should consider the Taylor 110 because it is the least expensive but still delivers the best sound. This is simply a solid instrument any guitarist will want to hold onto longer.

Maton M225

This is an Australian brand that stands out thanks to its unique bright tone. For a guitarist looking for the best sounding acoustic guitar that’s close to Taylor and Martin should consider the Maton M225. It s easy to handle and professional guitarists say that it obeys the fingers.

Yamaha F310

You cannot talk about the best sounding acoustic guitars and forget to mention a Yamaha guitar. This company is famous for its motorbikes, golf clubs and audio-video equipment. However, it has also been making top quality guitars for over 100 years. The F310 is one of the best beginner instrument that truly delivers value for money. The design and shape is what draws people closer as it also delivers a great sound.


Best Sounding Bass Guitars

Whether you are just starting out or you have been playing for years, finding the right bass is extremely important. When looking for a bass there is a lot to consider. Which would be the right look? Should I go with a 4 string bass or a 5 string? Which brand sounds the best? Pretty much all of these questions come down to personal preference and trial and error to find what suits you best. Below is a comprehensive list of of the best sounding brands. Hopefully it will help narrow down the vast amount of options out there.


First on the list is the ever famous Fender brand. Fender is widely known for their impeccable sounding 4 string bass models but also have some very nice 5 string models. The most popular and arguably the best sounding fender model would be the jazz and precision model. If that is not in your budget they have many other great options available.



Squire, also known as fenders little brother, is another great sounding option for a bass guitar. Now owned by Fender, squire produces the great sounding bass of a fender at the affordability of a lesser model. This is a perfect option if you are just starting out or if you are on a budget.



Though less well known as the previously mentioned brands, Rickenbacker has shaped the sound of rock for decades. With this being a higher end brand, it I not as popular among new bassists. Though many seasoned artists prefer this quality tone over anything else and believe that these bass’s are worth every penny.

Now that we have narrowed down the vast possibilities that are out there, you can decide for yourself which is the best for your personal sound. The best way to pick a bass that has your style is to try it out and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Fun guitar riffs

Whether you are an intermediate guitarist or a beginner there are tricks you must learn. Well, it is time to get the work done. No matter which kind of a music you are into; when you are learning guitar know that you are entering a new cult-like world. The more ideas about the guitar riffs skill, the more stories you will say about it.
Let us learn about guitar riffs that guarantee you the best.

“Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix)

Purple Haze is one the best rocking guitar heroes. Out there, this opening line is a well-known, powerful guitar riff. Learn to play the guitar but first, start with this. The heavy use of distorted guitar by Hendrix becomes a killer sound in our ears. It makes the guitar riffs to sound awesome and amazing. Learn this technique and be sure you learn the life. It is an important technique for every rock guitarist.

“Johnny B. Goode” (Chuck Berry)

This song is excellent and a true classic. It is an example and specimen of how blues music can bridge the way for riffs. The all amazing bluesy introduction gives this song rhythm and awesome start. To make it work an innovative way is needed to this beautiful blues at all time. The must-learn guitar riff just comes when Chuck Berry starts to shout “Johnny B. Goode’ specifically in the chorus. It is absolutely the type of riff every rock guitarists must know.


“Layla” (Erick Clapton)

It is an iconic rock song that is ranked at number 27 in the top 100 rock songs. This song was dually written by Jim Gordon and Eric Clapton. It was first released by the Dominos and Derek who were their band. Clapton recorded the song later in his life career as his all-acoustic song. These awesome guitar riffs make the song incredible.

“Back In Black” (DC/AC)

When speaking about amazing guitarists, DC/AC’s guitarists is just technically simple. He is one of most rocking guitarists ever known to man. Without an amazing rock riff, this list would never be complete. Angus Young is one and the only.
The song in the name “Back in Black” is a well-known type of a rock song in a rock guitar repertoire. This is just an easy riff you can play. Why not learn this? Show off your song rock move today.


“Stairway to Heaven” (Led Zeppelin)

It is a type of guitar riff that one must know. However, it may not be easy as you think. By legendary Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” is a top rock in music charts. Here you have to learn guitar riffs1 and guitor2 and then stairway3 and finally stairway4. Learn it and you will like it.
Remember to learn the guitar riffs and songs that you love, then develop your own technique to play them. When learning the guitar the best goal is being yourself. With these skills become a great artist and guitarists.

Guitar Lessons for Kids

What’s a decent age for kids to start learning how to play guitar? It relies upon their maturity level, and their capacity to center around whatever they are doing in a timeframe.

That sounds like an ordinary answer. However, every child is different.

You can never be sure if your youngster will stay with it. Playing a real guitar is nothing at all like playing “Guitar Hero,” however if your kid happens to play that amusement, and appreciates it, and invests a ton of energy with it, that shows center capacity.

For any parents looking for a great hobby to keep for their children occupied, then they should look no further than the guitar. Music is an excellent way to enrich your child’s life by helping them learn an appreciation for the arts. It will keep them occupied and out of trouble with a hobby that is truly fun to do. It can help increase a child’s confidence level dramatically as they develop their skills, and show off what they’ve accomplished. Best of all it’s something that can stay with them for their whole life and continue to enrich it for years to come. Beginning guitar is easier than you may realize, here are a few things to consider when starting your child out.

The best guitar for kids

Most kids are more than happy to learn guitar. With imagines of rock stars and even the success of video games like guitar hero, they’re more than eager to start. One of the first decisions you’re faced with is what kind of guitar to get them. An electric guitar has a lot of benefits for that just beginning guitar, and can help them stick with it. If you think that an electric guitar will be loud, then you forget one crucial thing, headphones. The guitar itself is plugged directly into a guitar amp, which in itself can be turned up to a loud volume. While this may seem like a parent’s worst nightmare, it can easily be solved. By plugging in a pair of headphones, your child can get all the benefits without the excess noise. This can also help a child who may not be confident in their abilities at first from feeling embarrassed if they mess up.

An electric guitar is also much easier for a child beginning guitar to play. This is mainly due to the design of the instrument itself. Compared to an acoustic the strings are much thinner and easier to press down. When first starting out your stamina will not be as high as a seasoned guitar player, but it will get there with time and practice. It can be frustrating just getting the mechanics of playing down, much less putting it all together in a song.

This is where the role of the parent or guardian comes in. It’s important to encourage a child when they’re first beginning guitar. Every small step is an achievement and took time an effort to get there.

Parent’s Support

Being supportive when they show frustration, and praise, when they learn something new, will ensure that they will stick with it. It may seem easy when you see other people playing guitar, but behind every great player was the support of their friends and family.

It’s important to find a constructive hobby for our kids to occupy their time. Guiding them towards a deeper appreciation of music will help them be a better-rounded person. Getting a child to want to play guitar is not the hard part, instead of keeping them interested can take some effort. Beginning guitar is sometimes frustrating, but overall it is a rewarding experience for kids. 

It’s great that you want to get a guitar for your kid. But understand this – buying a guitar can be a little challenging, more so when buying it for your child. But you should not let this hold you back and deny your child a chance stay entertainednurturing an enviable skill, handling the stresses of every day life, and impressing their peers and adults alikeLuckily for you, here is a guide on how to buy children guitars 

Best Size Guitar for Children 

First of allyou need to understand that each child is uniqueAnd in a lot of ways actually. For instancesome kids are beginners, while some might have intermediate playing abilitiesTheir guitar sizes might differ because of thisChildren also vary considerably in size 
While the market today offers quite a variety of sizes to cater to all these needsyou are stuck with having to decide what the best size guitar is for the child in question. Below is a guide to help you out in this 
Children Guitar Size Guide Based on Age and Height 
guitar that is a quarter of the standard size is appropriate for kids of about 4 to 6 years whose height is about 1 to 1.14 meters.  
On the other hand, 5 to 8 year olds who are about 1.17 to 1.35 meters can use a guitar that is half the regular size 
Additionallykids aged between 8 and 11 and about 1.37 to 1.5 meters tall can use a guitar that is three-quarters the regular size 
Otherwisekids who are 11 or older and measure at least 1.52 meters (5 feetcan use a regular guitar. 
Skill Level and Guitar Size 

A beginner would typically need a guitar that is suited to their size to avoid getting discouraged with having to wield a huge instrument whose basics they are yet to master. On the other hand, when the child is somewhat of a pro, then a larger guitar that would be appropriate for a beginner of his/her size and age would be a better alternativeThis would give them something of a challenge and hone their skills further, in addition to giving them appropriate training for a future that will involve using a full-sized guitar 

Don’t Buy a Size too Small 

You should also be especially careful not to buy a guitar that is too small for the child, as this will make the expected transition to larger guitars as the kid grows a lot harder. The important thing to remember is that here should be a balance between comfortable playing for a kid that size and smoother progress towards a full-sized guitar 

Something Else Worth Noting 

Basicallythe height of the child should be the greatest predictor of the guitar size to buyNeverthelessif the child is a little tall for their ageand therefore suited to a larger guitaryou should consider the guitar weight as well so that it does not tire them out too fastThat saidif your child insists on a larger guitar size than the above guidelines suggestthen that’s good. The reason for the above guidelines is to keep the young player from being discouraged by the additional challenge a larger guitar typically presents.  


Without a doubtchoosing the right guitar size for your child is one of the most important things as far as his/her interest in guitar playing goes. A size too large might discourage the child as it will make playing a lot harder, particularly for beginners. On the other hand, a small guitar size will limit their playing abilities and ruin their abilities to upgrade to a larger guitar as they grow 


How to Get the Right Acoustic Guitar


If you are interested in an acoustic guitar, you will find that the buying experience may not be something that you will want to look forward to. It is overwhelming. You will be faced with choices and more choices, and you might get confused about which one to pick. But to make things easier for you below is a list of some of the important things that you need to look into before you take your pick.

Budget and purpose
Before you even think of any brand name or the style of the body of the guitar that you want, get to know what you are going to use it for. Get to know how much your budget is going to be too. This makes it easier for you to easily slash down your choices to makes and models and brands that are going to be within your paying range.

Your skill level
If you are new to guitar playing and is presently looking for one that you can use to practice and learn on, it may not be a good idea to spend so much on an instrument. A high-end acoustic guitar is not going to be a practical choice for you. Since the item is going to be subject to constant playing and practice, it is best to go for more affordable, but the durable ones nonetheless- those that can withstand constant usage.

For experienced players though, going for the guitars with better specifications and materials will be the better choice. Most players will tell you that there is certainly going to be a difference between high-end ones and the cheaper versions, especially where the sound is concerned.

Acoustic electrics
If you expect to play the guitar in a band or public events, then you will need a means for you to amplify its sound when you play it. This is where the acoustic-electric type is going to be a get help to you. They have amplifiers as well as pickups which mean that they can be plugged into a sound system or an amplifier. It is done without distorting the rich and acoustic sound that they produce. They are referred to as hybrid guitars. If performing is what you are aiming for, then this is going to be a really good choice to go for.

Design and construction
It is important to understand how the guitar is built too if you want to be sure that you can select one that is durable and will likely produce a good sound. You will easily hear the many subtle differences in the way they sound based in the way they are designed and constructed. This should help make it a lot easier for you to pick the one that you know is going to be most appropriate for your needs.

More Interested in acoustic electric guitar visit hiveplay

Sound and style
You will find that acoustic guitars do share the same design and the same construction elements. But there are also some very important differences that can affect not only their sound but their overall playability as well. Each of these guitars tends to share these different characteristics. However, many other variables can change the way a guitar plays and feels. Among these include the tops, the style of the body, the length and width of the neck, steel versus nylon strings, as well as its tone wood.

Once you have all of that properly figured out, the next step for you is to decide where you should get it. Several stores will be around. If you are intent on getting a specific brand, it is advised that you go for authorized dealers. This way, you are sure that what you are getting is indeed authentic.


If you have any questions, please leave us a message.